• Dyslexia and ASD Support

    • Reading tools for Google Chrome

      ReadAloud and ClaroRead read text to you. Read Aloud is your toolbar in Google Chrome if you are logged in at college. Click on the icons on your toolbar to get started.

      ClaroRead icon                  ClaroRead icon

      Read Aloud                                          ClaroRead

      For training on technology come to T22 or to a Dyslexia Drop-in. 

      You can also download these tools free at the ChromeStore to add to home computer; just search for Read Aloud or ClaroRead at the Chrome Store.

    • Learn to Touch-Type

      Learners with dyslexia and dyspraxia really benefit from learning to touch-type.

      If you have access to a computer, use your time at home to learn. There are lots of free online courses; I like Typing Club; it has adults and children' courses. Click on the logo to go to the site.

      Typing Club logo

      Little and often every day is the best way to learn.

      • BBC Skillswise

        BBC is updating their online learning all the time, at the moment, to reflect home learning. There are functional skills resources designed for different vocational areas; e.g. Hospitality, Construction, Health & Social Care and Hair and Beauty. Click on the logo below for the homepage.

        BBC Bitesize

        • Speechnotes - from speaking to writing!

          Talk to Speechnotes and it writes down your words. It's like having a secretary. It's very easy to use, instructions below.

        • Quizlets - revise any subject

          Revise almost any subject on this interactive website. Just search for what you want to revise, and find quizzes, flashcards, matching games and other great ways to revise a topic. great for dyslexic learners as it can speak the quizzes.

          • Improving writing and proofreading

            The free version of Grammarly is a great way to correct mistakes and make your writing more professional. Download it for free.

            Grammarly icon

            This video shows you how to download it and add to Google and Word.


          • Office lens

            Office Lens logo

            Use Office Lens to make neat, readable images from the whiteboard and notes. It turns your phone into a scanner.

          • Texthelp TEXT READER

            Texthelp Read and Write reads websites and documents out loud, and is useful for research, proof-reading and in exams. It is available on all PCs on the College network: Find it at All Apps - T - TextHelp

            For training on technology come to T22 or to a Dyslexia Drop-in