International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: May 17th

Helplines for LGBTQ+ youth

I'm gay. What's your superpower?Celebrate the power of love

You are loved - Bi flagYou are loved - Gay flagYou are loved - Non-binary flag

You are loved - Queer flagYou are loved - Trans flag


Gay men answer bullying questions

you’re afraid to ask

Leanne Woodfull - Better out

than in

Stand Up! - Don't stand for

homophobic bullying

Queer bullying victims sit down

with former bullies

Transgender children on how they

were raised by their families

Angelica Ross explains the history

of the word 'transgender'

Things not to say to gay people

Dear my Year 7 self -

Straight people

against homophobia

Gay couple adoption story Football against homophobia How to be a LGBTQIA+ Ally My friend is transgender
“I’m not homophobic but…”

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