Lewisham College and Changing Education: Virtual Work Experience

Lewisham College is working in partnership with Changing Education to offer all 16-18-year old students virtual work experience opportunities this summer term.  This will help you to consider your career aspirations and find out more about possible employment opportunities in the industries you are interested in.


When will this take place? 

14 – 18 June 2021


Where will it take place? 

Online using the Changing Education App


What device do I need?

You can download the App on your phone, laptop, personal or College computer


How do I get started?


  1. Download the App

You will soon receive an email from Changing Education to help you download the App. This email will be sent to your Lewisham College student email account and will include a link to download the app to access your virtual work experience. Please download the app as soon as possible as there are some things you will need to access before the work experience week starts.


  1. Get the Changing Education Student Guide

Once you have downloaded the App, Changing Education will also email you a student guide. This student guide will help you access everything you need for your virtual work experience.


  1. Complete the work personality questionnaire

Once you have opened the App you will be prompted to complete and submit a work personality questionnaire


  1. Industry Interests

The app will again prompt you to complete your industry interests and submit it within the app.


  1. Timetable

Once you have completed the steps above you will receive your timetable of activities to your College student email account.

Click here to access some FAQs about Virtual Work Experience Week

If you are unable to access your College student email account, do not receive an email from Changing Education or need support downloading the app, please visit eME or the Learning Centre to find out more or receive information on support sessions available to help you to do this.

Last modified: Tuesday, 25 May 2021, 9:44 AM